Posted on: September 9, 2011 12:29 pm

Maize and Blues

So I send my daughter off to college to start her freshman year at University of Colorado and I now have to decide whether or not to purchase a Buffalo shirt...

I know, seems ridiculous but I have only ever worn the Maize and Blue of Michigan.  I grew up listening to Bob Ufer in the City of Grand Rapids Michigan and was told I could go to any University I wanted except two; "that state school" and "the other place in the south".  My father was referring to Michigan State and Ohio State of course.  Both schools were pretty much forbidden to be mentioned or referred to around the house.  In the 70s, my dad had the "Rec room" now called the man Cave all done up in Maize and Blue, photos, momentos. Etc... We would watch and listen to the games.  Every other year or so catching a ticket to one of the games.

Over the years i have tried to get to another Michigan game (1984 last game) but being in the Air Force (25+ yrs) and living overseas for nearly 19 yrs has made it it pretty difficult, nevermind trying to get tickets.  I still remember my first game in the Big House, WOW!!  Entering the stadium was incredible and very much reminds of the scene from Rudy when his father enters the stadium.  Back to the issue!

So a simple quest, to buy or not to buy....  I bought and will support her team.  I will now  have to change shirts on Saturday.

Until they meet the Wolverines that is. 
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